Sea Change: Challenges and Opportunities in the Publishing Ecosystem

Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar

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April 21, 2016 at the Embassy Suites DC Convention Center

Seminar Overview:
Like a community of interacting organisms—publishers, libraries, vendors, editorial offices, and start ups are integral pieces of a living network. Although its stability is threatened at times, the ecosystem remains in balance as components create, survive, cooperate, and compete to establish their niche in the biome. Dive in and join the conversation as we explore the depths of industry collaboration, the changing identity of libraries, the game-changing promise of data, new approaches to the journal publication process, the needs of researchers and authors, and shifting tides in the publishing environment.

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Who should attend...
This seminar brings together a cross section of non-profit society publishers, editors, and librarians to network and learn about cutting-edge topics in scholarly and scientific communication.