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Please join us for one or more of our complimentary educational webinars. These one-hour online events will provide practical advice and timely information for managing your publication, association, or society. You’ll learn valuable tips from our experienced, professional staff about promoting science to the public, advertising sales, maximizing the value of print, journal supplements, and establishing an ethics policy. The webinars are free; however, you must register to attend. Use the Register Now buttons below to sign up.



Maximizing the Value of Print: Best Practices for Job Planning

These days, publishers have a lot of options for delivering content. With so much focus on new technologies, it’s easy to neglect the basics of print. While the technology of the press is certainly nothing new, digital natives and newcomers to the press as well as those looking to maximize efficiency will appreciate this webinar full of tips and tricks for planning your press work. We’ll cover everything from color placement and signature breakdown to workflow changes you can make to capitalize on your print investment before your publication hits the plate. Level: Introductory
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OCTOBER 16 | 11:00 AM CDT

Journals publish supplements in many forms, for many reasons. Should your supplement be published in print, online, or both? Will subscribers receive it as part of their journal subscription, or pay extra? What’s the difference between a true journal supplement and a separate publication? Are there rules that apply specifically to supplements? Because supplements have implications for your finances, your editorial team, even your journal’s impact factor, it’s best to sort out the details early and make a plan. This webinar will look at the pros and cons of publishing supplements, including real-world case studies. Level: Introductory
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Establishing an Ethics Policy for Your Journal
NOVEMBER 20 | 11:00 AM CST

As plagiarism and related ethical issues gain more and more media attention, it is imperative that your publication has a clearly defined ethics policy in place to guide authors, reviewers, and editors. This webinar will give you the building blocks to write a policy of your own and understand what to include so it’s effective. Plus, learn how to make your authors and contributors aware of the guidelines before they publish and how to make sure the policies are enforced consistently. Level: Introductory
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