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Weed Science

Weed Science Society of America

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Aim and Scope

Weed Science is an official publication of the Weed Science Society of America presenting original research in peer-reviewed articles related to all aspects of weed science, including biology, ecology, physiology, management and control of weeds, and on herbicides, growth regulators and related topics.

Volume 62
ISSN: Print 0043-1745 Online 1550-2759


Biologists, farmers, ecologists, researchers and individuals involved in weed biology and control, weed/crop management systems, and management of non-crop situations.

Abstracted and Indexed

Life Sciences Collection, Excerpta Medica, PESTDOC, Ringdoc, Soybean Abstracts, VETDOC, Energy Information Abstracts, Environmental Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, Biological & Agricultural Abstracts, Environmental Periodicals Bibliography, BioBusiness, Plant Growth Regular Abstracts, Maize Abstracts, Ornamental Horticulture, Rice Abstracts. Crop Physiology Abstracts, Sorghum and Millets Abstracts, Ecology Abstracts.