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Allen Press offers a variety of educational and informational events throughout the year. Our long-standing commitment to education began with the notion that convening our clients, partners, and experts in the publishing community to share information and experiences would help everyone better understand the issues we face together and how we might better serve our respective constituents.

In this section of our website you’ll find the archives of the many presentations given at Allen Press events over the past several years. Video files tend to be very large. Some presentations have been broken up into several parts to help manage file size and download duration while maintaining sufficient quality.



Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Sea Change: Challenges and Opportunities in the Publishing Ecosystem
April 20, 2016

Session 1: Symbiosis—Is Collaboration the New Innovation?  
Alice Meadows | Download Presentation | View Video
Kristen Ratan | Download Presentation | View Video
Mike Conlon | Download Presentation | View Video

Adaption—The Changing Nature of Libraries
Roger Schonfeld | Download Presentation | View Video

Evolving Species—The Journal in Transition
Travis Rich | Download Presentation | View Video
Sara Bowman | Download Presentation | View Video

Biodiversity—A Healthy Ecosystem Thrives on Fresh Ideas
Phill Jones | Download Presentation | View Video
Judy Ruttenberg | Download Presentation | View Video



Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Life in the Fast Lane
April 16, 2015

How Free is the Freeway?
Skott Klebe | Download Presentation | View Video
Michael Carroll | Download Presentation | View Video
Heather Morrison | Download Presentation | View Video
Question and Answer | View Video

A Look Through the Windshield
Joe Wikert | Download Presentation | View Video

Engineering the Interchange of Ideas
Jason Karl | Download Presentation | View Video
Alberto Pepe | Download Presentation | View Video
Amy Brand | Download Presentation | View Video
Eric Hall | Download Presentation | View Video

Innovative Infrastructure for the Sustainability of Scholarly Communication
Rebecca Kennison | Download Presentation | View Video
Jeff Moyer | Download Presentation | View Video

Roundtable Discussion Topic Summary | Download Notes


Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
A Matter of Perspective
April 24, 2014

The Wide-Angle View on Public Access
Fred Dylla | Download Presentation | View Video
Howard Ratner | Download Presentation | View Video
Julia Blixrud | Download Presentation | View Video

Double Exposure: The Present and Future of Publishing
Eric Newman | Download Presentation | View Video
Dan Strempel | Download Presentation | View Video

Focal Point: Technologies to Watch
Peter Brantley | Download Presentation | View Video
Antony Williams | Download Presentation | View Video

Zoom In on Alterantive Metrics
David Crotty (Opening) | Download Presentation | View Video
Andrea Michalek | Download Presentation | View Video
Melinda Kenneway | Download Presentation | View Video
David Crotty (Closing Remarks) | Download Presentation | View Video



Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Redraw the Map: Setting the New Coordinates for Scholarly Publishing
April 3, 2013

Uncharted Territory: Journal Start-Ups
Jennifer McLennan | Download Presentation | View Video
Jackie Thai | Download Presentation | View Video
Daniel Kulp | Download Presentation | View Video

Recalibrating Your GPS: Publishing Technology Top Ten Developments to Watch
John Blossom | Download Presentation | View Video

Exploration and Discovery: How Do Readers Find You Now?
Tracy Gardner | Download Presentation | View Video
Michael Gold | Download Presentation | View Video

Alternate Routes: Journal Metrics Revisited
Jason Priem | Download Presentation | View Video
Jayne Marks | Download Presentation | View Video
Kerry Kroffe | Download Presentation | View Video




Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Learn, Engage, Adapt! Knowledge is Power for the Everyday Superhero
April 19, 2012

Arch-Nemesis: Doing Battle with Author Misconduct
Debra Parrish | Download Presentation | View Video
Camille Wicher | Download Presentation | View Video
Katja Brose | Download Presentation | View Video
Shapeshifters: The Changing Face of Content Acquisition
Jonathan Nabe | Download Presentation | View Video
Michael Levine-Clark | Download Presentation | View Video
Allen McKiel | Download Presentation | View Video
Mysterious New Worlds: Exploring the Emergence of Interdisciplinary and Rapid Publication Journals
John Haynes | Download Presentation | View Video
Costanza Zucca | Download Presentation | View Video       
The League of Extraordinary Journals: Quality Metrics and Culture
Evelyn Jabri | Download Presentation | View Video

Roundtable Discussion Topic Summary | Download



Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Form Follows Function: Letting Users Design the New Architecture
April 14, 2011

Perspectives: Rethinking the Structure of Peer Review
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte | Download Presentation | View Video
Jeremy Fox | Download Presentation | View Video
Pascal Hitzler | Download Presentation | View Video

Minimalism: Disintermediation of Libraries and Publishers
Joseph J. Esposito | Download Presentation | View Video

Contextual Design: The Dynamic Possibilities of Semantic Enrichment
Pam Harley | Download Presentation | View Video

Achieving Balance: Building Revenue Models for the Future
Emilie Delquié | Download Presentation | View Video
James Wonder | Download Presentation | View Video

Archetypes: A Practical Look at Apps and eBooks in Scholarly Publishing
Gurvinder Batra | Download Presentation | View Video
Stephen J. Welch | Download Presentation | View Video

Roundtable Discussion Topic Summary | Download



Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
Scholarly Publishing: Boldly Going Where No Journal Has Gone Before
April 8, 2010

The XML Files: The eBooks Are Out There
Samir Kakar | Download Presentation | Download Video
James Wonder | Download Presentation | Download Video: Part 1 | Part 2

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Scholarly Publishing
Michael Clarke | Download Presentation | Download Video: Part 1Part 2 | Part 3

Lost in Cyberspace: The Google Book Settlement
Dr. J. Alexander Speer | Download Presentation | Download Video

Transformers: Scholarly Content Takes on Many Formats
John Wilbanks | Download Presentation | Download Video
Michelle Kraft | Download Presentation | Download Video
William "Bill" Park | Download Presentation | Download Video: Part 1 | Part 2

A Quantum Leap: The Open-Access Compact
Beth Weil | Download Presentation | Download Video
Patricia Renfro | Download Presentation | Download Video

Roundtable Discussion Topic Summary
Download PDF



A Publisher’s Survival Guide: Best Practices for Survival in Severe Economic Conditions
April 2, 2009

Surviving When a Bear Market Attacks: New and Proven Ways of Generating Revenue
Michael Clarke | Download Presentation

Maximizing Advertising Revenue in Tough Times
Vivian A. Gray | Download Presentation

Editorial Offices: Improving Your Return on Investment
Jason Roberts, PhD | Download Presentation

Language Editing–Make Lemonade!
Mary Anne Baynes | Download Presentation

Identity and the Scholar
Carol Anne Meyer | Download Presentation

I Am Not a Scientist, I Am a Number
Philip E. Bourne | Download Presentation

Forging a New Trail with a Web 2.0 Compass
Will Fisher | Download Presentation

Web 2.0 on a Shoestring
Andrea Powell | Download Presentation

Scientists and Web 2.0
Eva Amsen | Download Presentation

Escape from Quicksand: Costs of Print Production Need Not Pull You Under
Donald G. McClain | Download Presentation
Tony Crouch | Download Presentation

JoVE Video Publication to Increase Productivity of Biomedical Research
Moshe Pritsker, PhD | Download Presentation



Blueprint for Sustainable Publications: Best Practices and Innovative Solutions
October 1-3, 2008

Tools of the Trade: An Overview of Association Management
Susan Metzger & Derek Gates | Download Presentation
Site Plans and Work Crews: Meeting Management
Kate Counter | Download Presentation
Curb Appeal: Member Retention and Marketing
Jacky Williams | Download Presentation

Evolution of a Retention Campaign
Catherine Johnson | Download Presentation
High-Tech Tools: Online Services and TIMSSnet
Jason Gilbert | Download Presentation
Do-It-Yourself or Contractor? Co-Publishing and Journal Start-Up
Joe DiTomaso | Download Presentation
Environmental Considerations for Paper and Printing
Guy Dresser  | Download Presentation

Stimulating the Growth of Renewable Energy Through Energy Markets
Sarah Hill-Nelson | Download Presentation

New Frontiers for the ESA
Sue Silver | Download Presentation
Drawing a New Plan for Print: Going Digital
Kevin Pirkey | Download Presentation
Landscape Design: New Options in Online Publishing
Kevan Meinershagen | Download Presentation
Remodeling Your Workflow: The AutoProof™ Solution
Sherry Rohn | Download Presentation

Engineering Your Publication for the Future: Putting the NIH Mandate into Practice
Martin Frank, PhD | Download Presentation
Using Power Tools for Efficiency: InSite and Digital Blueline
Ken Harris | Download Presentation
At the Workbench: Editorial Office How-To's
Joy Richmond | Download Presentation

Selecting the Right Color Palette: Understanding RGB and CMYK
Pat McClure & Tony Kugler | Download Presentation
Communicating on the Job Site: Annotated PDFs
Joanna Gillette & Tracy Candelaria | Download Presentation
Measure Twice, Cut Once: Creating PDFs for Print Production
Bill Conradi | Download Presentation

Publish Responsibly: Practical Solutions for Environmentally Conscious Organizations
September 3, 2008

Paperless Workflows & ISO 14001 Standards
Adrian Stanley | Download Presentation

Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship
Daniel Dejan | Download Presentation

Vision into Action
Melanie Dolechek | Download Presentation

Renewable Energy Certificates: Stimulating the Growth of Renewable Energy Through Energy Markets
Sarah Hill-Nelson | Download Presentation

New Frontiers for the ESA
Sue Silver | Download Presentation

Ways to Green at Work
The Sierra Club | Download Presentation

Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
April 17, 2008

Effects of the Digital Age on Society Membership
John H. Graham IV, CAE | Download Presentation

Thomson Scientific Journal Selection Process: The Impact Factor in Context
James Testa | Download Presentation

eigenFactor: Ranking and Mapping Scientific Knowledge
Jevin West | Download Presentation

Facets of Scholarly Impact: A Large-Scale Survey of Metrics
Johan Bollen, PhD  | Download Presentation

The ‘Google Effect’ at JSTOR
Bruce Heterick | Download Presentation

The Encyclopedia of Earth
Ida Kubiszewski | Download Presentation

Designed to Sell: Article Discovery, Packaging, and Dissemination: The Bepress Model for Providing Content
Sean O'Doherty | Download Presentation

An Update on CrossRef’s Plagiarism Detection Initiative
Chuck Koscher | Download Presentation

Image Manipulation in Science: Detection and Choices
John Krueger, PhD  | Download Presentation

Jason Bentley, PhD | Download Presentation

The NIH Public Access Policy
Norka Ruiz Bravo, PhD | Download Presentation



Adapting to Change: Best Practices and New Technologies
An Allen Press Editorial Seminar

October 3-5, 2007

Microsoft Vista and Word 2007: Assessing Their Impact on the Editorial Office
Eric Hutchinson | Download Presentation

Web-Based Manuscript Submission Tools
Anna Jester | Download Presentation

Getting to the Finish Line Faster: Solutions for Accelerating Your Workflow
Duncan Eshelman | Download Presentation

Creating PDFs for Efficient Print Production
Jonathan DeLaConcepcion | Download Presentation

Using Annotated PDFs to Streamline the Revision Process
Melissa Clifton | Download Presentation

Annotating PDFs: Best Practices and Use
Peter Burns | Download Presentation

It Isn’t Easy Being Green…Or Is It?
Guy Dresser | Download Presentation

Pulp Nonfiction: Paper Choices and Sustainability in the Paper Industry
Michael Peek | Download Presentation

Home Grown Power for the Central States Region
Sarah Hill-Nelson | Download Presentation

A Publishing Partnership for the Digital Age
A Shifting Mosaic of Scholarly Publishing, Scientific Delivery, and Future Impact Changing the Face of Learned Societies
David (Chip) Leslie | Download Presentation | Download Paper

What’s New in Online Publishing?
Kevan Meinershagen | Download Presentation

Publish Ahead of Print, Where Change is the Norm
Jerald Moon | Download Presentation
Kevan Meinershagen | Download Presentation

Changing the Way you Proof for Press
Tony Hoffhines | Download Presentation

Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing™ Seminar
April 12, 2007

The Internet—A Scholarly Community?
Richard Akerman | Download Presentation

Revolutionizing Scientific Communication and Collaboration
Konrad Förstner | Download Presentation

How Web 2.0 is Changing Medicine
Dean Giustini | Download Presentation

Why Are Different Sources of STM Information Used?
Donald King | Download Presentation

PubChem: An Open Information Resource Linking Chemistry and Biology
Steve Bryant | Download Presentation

Data Sharing and Exchange: Experiences within the Ecological Society of America
Robert Peet | Download Presentation

Peer Review, Dynamic Documents, and The Wisdom of Crowds 
Irv Rockwood  | Download Presentation
Chris Surridge, PhD | Download Paper